There For Our Clients

Committed To Helping People Fight For Their Dream

At Mayeaux Sardi, our firm brings together a wealth of experience and skill that can help individuals and families face and overcome immigration issues. We are dedicated to using what we know about immigration law to help people face the challenges that can tear their family apart or prevent them from reuniting in the United States. Attorney Kenneth Mayeaux has a long history of helping those in the most need. He has worked with indigent people in Mexico in the past, in detention centers here in the U.S. and with Catholic Charities to serve those in the most need. He is joined by attorney Ana Maria Sardi, a dual citizen of Colombia and the United States, who is using her knowledge of the immigration system to help others.

No one should have to face the complexities of our immigration system without effective legal representation. Even minor mistakes can have devastating consequences that can derail the life you are trying to build. A DUI or traffic violation could lead to detention and deportation. A single error on an adjustment of status application could force you to resubmit your application and send you to the back of the line again. Our firm can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you build the life you want.